Father Csaba Böjte

Father Csaba Böjte OFM is a Franciscan friar from  Hungarian Transylvanian background. He is the Director of the Saint Francis Foundation head office in Déva, Romania  which for over 25 years has been looking after children in dire need  after the collapse of the communist regime in Romania . During this time over 6000 children passed through the Foundation, that has been founded on lots of hard work, donations and even more prayers . To this day there are over 2000 children in care for shorter or longer period of time in 83 locations. The children are either in a “family” like situation looked after careers who move into the social families or in day care centres looking after the children after school, getting help with their studies and receive a hot meal before going back to their homes. The children in the live-in-homes get all their needs looked after including schooling, all else needed for a normal family life . Father Csaba is also a prolific writer and apart all his duties with his large “family” , he is very much sought after to present masses, give talks all over the world . A man known for his kind heart , wisdom , a great sense of humour and very great compassion.