György Hölvényi

Mr. György Hölvényi is a Member of the European Parliament for the EPP Group, in the Commitee on Develpoment and acts as Co-Chair of the Working Group on Interreligious Dialogue of the EPP Group. Throughout his professional and political career, Mr. Hölvényi has been actively involved in the Christian democrat movement in Hungary and Europe. After acting as head of the international relations office of the Christian Democratic People’s Party of Hungary and later deputy state secretary at the Hungarian Ministry for Youth and Sports, he chaired the Hungarian Barankovics Academic Foundation promoting values of Christian democracy in Hungary. Since the 2000s, he acted as spokesman for the EPP Group’s Hungarian delegation and as Secretary General of the Schuman Foundation of the EPP Group. In parallel, Mr. Hölvényi led the EPP Group’s Secretariat for Intercultural Dialogue. From 2012 to 2014 Mr. Hölvényi was appointed as Secretary of State for the Relations with Churches, Civil Society and National Minorities in Hungary.