Katalin Nyíri – Iváncsik

Katalin Nyíri – Iváncsik was born on January 15, 1987 in Verbovec (Verbőc), Transcarpathian region of Ukraine. In 2002 she started studying in the Péterfalvi Lyceum of Reformed Church. In 2005, she continued her studies at the Philology Faculty of the Kyiv University of Slavonic Study, in the facility of city of Uzhhorod (Ungvár). From 2009 she is the editor-correspondent of the Hungarian language Broadcasting Editorial board of the Transcarpathian State Television and Radio Company. Since 2010 Nyíri – Iváncsik has been working as a correspondent for the Hungarian Catholic Radio. From 2018 on she is a member of the TV 21 Ungvár editorial team.