Zorica Kostovska

Graduating at a Theological faculty “Saint Clement of Ohrid” in 2012 in Skopje – North Macedonia, and before that graduating in 1980 diplomacy at Faculty for Political Science in Belgrade- Republic of Serbia.

She worked in the diplomacy in the regions of Africa, Asia especially in the domain of human rights. She was a chairman at conferences in India under the patronage of Rajiv and Sonya Gandhi, than in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Senegal, Mali, Ghana and others. Her Master thesis has the title The “Cult and tradition of the Holy Virgin Mary in Macedonia”.

More than 10 years, she had been a member of the International Academy of TV Arts and Science in New York/ Emmy Awards . She is the former Director for the International cooperation and co-productions of Macedonian Radio and Television – MRT and leader of the project for introducing the satellite channel of MRT. Founder of the TELESEE NETWORK of the National TV houses in the South-East Europe under the auspices of the government of the Danish Kingdom, manager of the Balkan seminars for digital technology with AVID technology with BR -TV from Germany, representative of R. Macedonia in the regional Mediterranean cooperation at TV RAI, National coordinator of R.Macedonia in the Balkan Consortium- Balkanet, Euronet and others.

She has more than 30 years of experience in the domain of press, radio and journalism, TV and film production, author, screenwriter and director of many TV programs and documentaries, within her own company TOP WORLD , founded in 1994 year. She has realized numerous reportages in Macedonia, Hollywood, New York, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, London, Cannes, Berlin, Paris etc. Numerous interviews with prominent figures such as Mr. Buthros Ghali-General Secretary of UN, Mr. William Hapzer- Director of UNICEF, Mr.Bruce Gordon-President of the Paramount Pictures, Mrs. Patch Mitchel-President of the TV Turner Company and others.

Since 2014 she is a producer, screenwriter and director of the Christian – Orthodox educational TV series “I will recognize you by your deeds”. Founder, author and director of the International film festival for cultural, spiritual and human values devoted to Holy Virgin Mary Omophorion.