Welcome Letter

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, dear Attendees!

On behalf of the National University of Public Service I welcome you all to the webpage of the „Budapest Forum for Christian Communicators” conference.

We are honored to have the opportunity to take part in the organization of this esteemed international conference alongside with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, moreover to host this event.

We are glad to have exemplary cooperation with the State Secretariat of the Prime Minister’s Office responsible for the aid of persecuted Christians and for implementing the ‘Hungary Helps’ Program. We take pride in the fact that the researchers at the Religion and Safety Research Group operating at NUPS’s Faculty of Military Science and Officer Training have prepared the ’Budapest-report’ which contains all the information on the persecution of Christians, taking place even in our modern days in several places around the world. This report also served as a base for the development of the Hungary Helps Program.

Recently we introduced a new postgraduate specialist training called ’Radicalism and religious extremism’, which aims to help those serving in armed forces and working in the field of public administration to better evaluate those new phenomena that are related to religious extremism that are present even in Europe and to prepare them to act against them more effectively.

Though our University is an ideology–neutral institution, evidently, we respect and nurse the Christian heritage of Europe and of Hungary within it. The chapel at our campus has been fully restored when the renewal of the Ludovika main building took place, and it was sanctified in June 2015 by leaders of the military chaplains at an ecumenical worship. The respect for Christian values is not only present in the building blocks of the campus but in the education at the university as well.

I trust that the esteemed and internationally acknowledged lecturers will have a good time as guests of our institution and I hope that many Christian–bound journalists and other attendees interested in this topic will be drawn to Ludovika, who shall return home after the conference having deeper knowledge and new acquaintances.

Dr. András Koltay